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Moving the home point

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:28 pm
by admin
When not connected to the drone, or the drone doesn't have a GPS fix, the home point is displayed as a red icon like thisĀ Image

On the plan screen (accessed from the main menu), you can drag the home point while it is red. To do that, simply tap and hold the red icon until it pops up. Then you can drag it anywhere you like.

When you move it you will notice that there are two icons at the home location, a landing icon and the home icon. Moving the landing will move them both.

Dragging is only possible
  • From the Plan screen
  • When not connected to a drone - Once a drone connects and gets a GPS fix, the icon will turn green and move the drone's true location.
To get to the Plan screen, use the main app menu