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What is the Aeroranger flight control app?

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:12 am
by admin
Welcome to the Aero Ranger Drone app knowledge base.
The Aero Ranger Flight control app is an Android based, fully featured aerial inspection and imaging app for DJI drones. It includes a number of safety features as well as autonomous missions and features.
  • Manual flight and Missions: AeroRanger works for both manual and autonomous flight. You may use one of our automated missions or simply fly manually
  • Creative and Technical: Several styles of autonomous missions can be created with Aeroranger, both for creative effects such as Hyperlapse, and Engineering and Inspection work such as survey. All missions use Waypoints so your drone must support Waypoint style missions to use these (the Spark does not)
  • Image sync and annotated images: A core function of Aero Ranger is the image sync and annotation of images. This is typically used for inspections, but can be used for anything from wildlife watching to cell tower inspections. Point the camera at an object, press manual tag and it will generate an image that you can annotate, before syncing that with the AeroRanger cloud where you can create reports and much more. You can also Image Sync. Image Sync means that an image is generated in the background and synced with the cloud, every time a photo is triggered (not compatible with Inspire 1 & M100)
Before using the app for the first time, please read our Getting started guide.