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Camera setting have recently had a major revamp. DJI GO style camera controls have been added to the app to give you much more control over how the camera operates.

There are now two ways to modify camera settings.
  1. Open the camera live view to full screen. If it's not already at full screen, double tap on the small picture in picture version to expand it. Camera settings are available on the left.
    Note: These settings only take effect when connected to a drone.
  2. Use the "Camera Hardware" menu option in the main app menu. Only a few main camera settings are available here. These settings can be set even if not connected to a drone. They will be applied next time you connect.
Settings can be changed when the drone is on the ground when airborne.

Method 1 - Full screen live view
Using method 1. camera settings are access from the panel at the right of the full screen live view.




Method 2 - Camera Hardware
Using method 2. - go to the App main menu and select "Camera Hardware" to reveal this dialog. You can also access it by tapping on the camera model while building an auto mission


The camera mode switch at the top is the most important setting. Move this between stills and video to change the camera recording mode. Some mission types don't support video - if you change this to video and fly those missions it will be automatically changed back.

When changing camera mode, the section below will change to reveal different settings to suit stills or video mode.

Image size setting lets you choose the aspect ratio of the image you want to create. A few cameras support 3:2 (Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced, X4s) while all support 4:3 or 16:9

Image type lets you select between JPG and RAW images. RAW images take far longer to be created (10 seconds minimum per shot) in the camera and are unsuitable for missions where high rate interval photos are required (eg. survey style missions)

Live View quality is only available on the Mavic Pro, but lets you increase the live view to HD quality, however this only works if the camera is in a specific video mode, so don't use this if you are taking stills.

In video mode you can choose the video size (note that if you have set the live view quality to HD, you can't go above 2.7k video, this is a DJI restriction)

Press the Format SD button to format the SD card in the drone. Note that this will wipe all the images and video from the card, make sure you have saved anything you need before doing this.

A critical part of any mission is the Home point.


Most recent DJI drone models are supported


Camera setting have recently had a major revamp.

How do I zoom the camera

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