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A variety of waypoint mission types are supported by Aero Ranger.  Aero Ranger provides visual tools to make creating each type of mission easy.

NOTE: If you have a Spark you cannot use any of these missions. The Spark does not support missions.

Most missions support JPG, RAW (dng) and Video camera modes. Use the camera settings dialog accessed from the main menu to change mode.

Missions always consist of 3 parts
  1. Takeoff
  2. Main mission
  3. Landing
You use the mission building tools within Aero Ranger to create the main part of the mission. Takeoff and landing are automatically added. They always occur at the home point.

Tip: You can create a mission without being connected to a drone. The last mission created is stored in the app, or you can use the mission load/save functionality to keep it permanently.

ImageSurvey mission - fly a lawnmower pattern or cross hatch back and forth. Use this for gathering images to make orthomosiacs, for input into Pix4D or for wide area searching. Use still or video camera modes here. You will need Pix4D or similar software for making the orthomosaic.

ImageLinear scan mission - the lawnmower pattern is rotated vertically. Use this for gathering images to make orthomosaics and models of walls, bridges, dams or large flat vertical structures. You will need Pix4D or similar software for making the orthomosaic/model

ImageStructure Scan - fly orbits around a vertical structure at different altitudes, starting from above the structure. This can be used to collected images for making 3D models of towers and tall buildings. You will need Pix4D or similar software for making the model.


VR/Portal - capture images for making photospheres. Files to a point and altitude then rotates taking 17 photos. Can be done in RAW or JPG mode (change camera settings in camera dialog). You will need PT GUI or similar to create a photo sphere after the flight.


Hyperlapse - captures a series of photos of a point of interest while the aircraft is moving at a very slow rate. Aeroranger captures the images, you will need 3rd party hyperlapse building software to create the video.


Panorama - capture a series of images to make a standard panorama. Set the angle of capture. Create multiple levels so you can capture a series of panoramas at different altitudes in the one flight. Basic stitching of the panorama can be done on the tablet/phone immediately after flight.


Real Estate/Building - capture top down images followed by two orbits at different radii. This mission can be used to create a standard set of images for real estate advertisements. It can be used to capture still photos or in video mode.


Orbit mission - Fly a circle around a point of interest with the camera pointed at it at all times. Can fly very slowly or fast, so this mission can be used to create circular hyperlapses.


Patrol mission - General purpose waypoint mission. Add a set of waypoints for the drone to fly. You will have yaw control during this mission. Set the camera to trigger automatically or manually.

Important notes on Missions
  • What is the home point?: All landings and takeoffs occur at this point. It will be automatically updated when the drone gets a GPS lock or is moved while powered on. You can drag the home point when a drone is not connected.
  • What is the Minimum Safe Alt?: The lowest altitude an auto mission can fly, other than at takeoff and landing. You set this when making a mission. Use it to avoid objects such as trees and buildings
  • All Altitudes are relative to home: The altitude reported by the drone and used in mission planning is always relative to the home point. The drone has no knowledge of the terrain directly below it. If flying in steep or hilly areas, you must keep this in mind at all times.
  • AutoLand - and auto landing occurs at the end of a mission. The aircraft will land itself fully autonomously, but you can "nudge" it side to side using the sticks. You can also slow or stop the downward progress by pushing the throttle stick up during auto land.
  • When the aircraft is in waypoint mode you will not have manual control over it's direction. In some missions you can yaw it left to right to point the camera, but can't move away from the preprogrammed path.
  • You can pause a mission using the fly button at the top right of the screen. Press again to resume
  • Exit a mission by pressing Go home, Land Now, or switching to manual, sport mode. Once exited, you can't resume that mission in the air. You will need to come home, land and start again.
  • 99 waypoint limit - For reasons known only to them, DJI impose a 99 waypoint limit on all missions. If you notice that your mission seems to have been truncated (the aircraft comes home early), it could be that you planned more than 99 waypoints.

A critical part of any mission is the Home point.


Most recent DJI drone models are supported


Camera setting have recently had a major revamp.

How do I zoom the camera

To zoom your camera using AeroRanger